Wednesday 26 February, 2020

WATCH: Citizens upset after woman allegedly misuses disabled parking

One customer took to social media after she said she spotted another customer, who was not disabled, using a disabled parking spot at the Trincity branch of Massy Stores last week.

Suzanne Sookram said in a public Facebook post that she confronted the woman, a driver of a Mercedez Benz, who responded that she was 'disabled today', and continued on her way.

"At Massy Stores Shops of Trincity, I was almost run over by the woman driving this car. Rushing to park in a "Disabled Parking" spot. She then steps out the car and says, "I know it's handicap parking...I disabled today""

"Then the so-called disabled woman limps through the door then walks up the moving walk way."

"Normally I would let it slide, but it was disheartening to see a family struggling with a truly disabled love one... Trying to get him into the vehicle which was parked not too far away."

"Ma'am next time please stop and consider those who you may affect by your poor choices and actions. Not cool,” Sookram said. 

Video footage showed the woman using the moving walk way with no apparent disability.


Massy Stores said to LoopTT that this type of behaviour is regrettable and that the company strives to ensure that disabled customers are provided for. 

Their statement is as follows:

"Massy Stores makes every effort to provide a safe and comfortable shopping experience for all our customers, with consideration for our diverse customer base which includes the differently-abled community."

"We provide parking for the differently-abled at all Massy Stores locations across the country and strive to ensure that the parking provided is utilized by those who are deemed to be physically challenged, including elderly customers."

"With specific reference to Massy Stores Trincity, we confirm that there are two parking spots allocated for use by our differently-abled customers.  It is truly regrettable when individuals, who do not require such privileges, abuse these courtesies.

The company said it will continue to monitor and enforce proper usage of its car park facilities. 

Those wishing to use the designated spots are reminded that there is a process to apply for a Handicapped Parking Permit, which could be displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard and therefore authorize the handicapped customer to park in the designated spot. 

"By comparison, in the US, if customers park in a designated handicapped space, without a permit, they can be fined by the police," the company said. 

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