Saturday 25 January, 2020

WATCH: Comm. Williams: Alexander's suspension 'a big hit' for police

Ag. Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams lamented the temporary suspension of Inspector Alexander from the television series, 'Beyond The Tape', indicating that he played a crucial role in bridging the gap between the police and the public.

Williams was speaking to media on Friday morning after the launch of the new driver's permit at the Ministry of Works and Transport. He spoke following the news that Alexander had been temporarily suspended from his show. Williams confirmed that Alexander would have a spot waiting for him on the series once the court matter went in his favour. 

"This is big hit for the police service, getting a suitable replacement for Inspector Alexander [for Beyond The Tape] is not an easy it is a challenge and it will take a period of time for me to work through but we will be continuing with the programme, it's a fantastic programme, it's one that gives the police service an opportunity to engage with the public, share information, get feedback from the public so it's a useful programme for us. 

As soon as his matter is effectively dealt with in his favour, he can be back on the programme. They will actually only hold the One day."



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