Tuesday 1 December, 2020

WATCH: Dillon VS Alleged Enterprise gang leader

National Security Minister Edmund Dillon, accompanied by senior officials of the protective services, embarked on a walk in the Enterprise community earlier today where they met with the alleged leader of the Unruly Isis Gang, Avinash "Krysis" Seepersad.

Things got heated during the exchange when Dillon scolded Seepersad for videos which he had posted to social media, which Dillon said made members of the public anxious.

“You were on the video talking in a certain way? You were the person right? You were the one who had been talking like that? Talking in a certain way that brought the population in a sense of unease?”

The encounter occurred outside the crown trace mosque.

Dillon was accompanied by Chief of Defense Staff Rodney Smart, Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police Wayne Dick and other senior officials.

Seepersad, in addressing the National Security Minister, said that there were underlining factors contributing to the spate of murders in the Enterprise, Chaguanas community.

“People didn’t just get up one day and pick up a gun and say ‘listen we going and kill everybody in Bhagaloo’ and people in Bhagaloo didn’t just get up one day, pick up dey gun and say ‘we going and kill people in crown trace,’ it have a solution to the problem. ”

It was at that point that National Security Minister Edmund Dillon interjected; admonishing him for the videos he posted to social media.

He told him he needed to take responsibility for his actions.

Seepersad in turn, said he had already apologized for his comments in the particular video which was posted to social media site Facebook in 2015. He also spoke over the Minister, stating that he was not responsible for the violence in the Enterprise community.

DCP Dick intervened, stating that he would not accept disrespect.

“We don’t deal with disrespect, no disrespect. If we talking to you in ah order, respond in ah order”

The alleged gang leader said he would cooperate with police to reveal the corrupt police officers who he claimed were facilitating drug leaders in the community.

Meanwhile, Head of the Islamic Front Ummar Abdullah said he was working with the Muslim members of the community, in an attempt to restore order in the area. 

Video courtesy CNC3's Akash Samaroo 

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