Saturday 24 August, 2019

WATCH: Feisty caiman relocated in Vistabella

A  caiman that accidentally made its way into a business compound in South Trinidad has been safely relocated, thanks to the El Socorro Centre for Wildlife Conservation. 

In a social media post, the management of Dumore Enterprises explained that the female caiman was found under one of the company's rental vehicles on Tuesday. 

The company was referred to the Centre, and director Ricardo Meade was able to safely relocate the surprise visitor. 

"On the morning of Tuesday 9th May one of our employees discovered a caiman under one of our rental vehicles."

"The management team decided to contact veterinarian and owner of Pet Life Veterinary Hospital Nicholas Mackenzie for his professional advice. Nicholas advised us to contact Ricardo Meade Founder and Director of El Socorro Centre for Wildlife Conservation."

"The pictures tell the story of the rescue," the group said.

(Photo: Director of the El Socorro Centre for Wildlife Conservation safely restrains the caiman during the relocation exercise.)

The company thanked Ricardo Meade and his team for rescuing the female caiman and relocating her safely. They added that she may have come to the compound trying to escape bush fires that had been started in the area recently. 

The caiman was relocated to an undisclosed location. 

"We suspect that due to the recent bush fires in the area, the caiman was looking for a safe place to call home."

"Thank you El Socorro Centre for Wildlife Conservation for finding the caiman a home, we truly appreciate what you have done."

"We encourage everyone to take initiative, be proactive and make a difference to protect our wildlife."

Anyone needing assistance in relocating wildlife found in their homes can contact the El Socorro Centre for Wildlife Conservation on 673-5753, or the Emperor Valley Zoo on 622-3530 or 622-5344.


(Photos and videos courtesy Dumore Enterprises)

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