Tuesday 14 July, 2020

WATCH: The Fete Chasers head to JAM Nation with Hennessy

 It’s a short, jam-packed Carnival season but Loop is on the move, as usual, to the hottest, sweatiest, vibesiest fetes for the season.

This year we’re teaming up with Kevin “Silva” Farrick and Aaron “Indian” Farrick. Some people call them the Farrick Bros, some people call them The Twins (they’re not)…but we like to call them the Fete Chasers.

Every fete is game for these two, and Loop is going along for the ride. We also gave them the Samsung Galaxy S8+ to capture the first-person perspective of all the action.

This time, the Fete Chasers boarded the Hennessy bus and headed to JAM Nation, where it was water, paint and pure action.

Check out the video and keep tuned to Loop for more of the Fete Chasers this Carnival.

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