Monday 13 July, 2020

Watch: VH1's Girls Cruise cast share touching moment at Nylon Pool

In the latest episode of Girls Cruise Lil' Kim, Chilli, Mya and the rest of the team strengthen their bonds in Tobago, reflecting on the things that stand in the way of their successes.

While there, the ladies hit Nylon Pool and were visibly in awe of the striking turquoise waters and the story behind one of Tobago's most popular tourist attractions. 

"I love going to a tranquil place," Lil Kim said during her confessional. While there, the Queen Bee used the opportunity to challenge the ladies to open up about themselves. "Today is the day we really's a circle of trust," she said. 

"I'm hoping that this Nylon Pool is the place where everyone just releases anything in their heart that they've always wanted to talk about with someone or soak up the really good energy that's here."  

Watch Chilli and team's cathartic Nylon Pool moment.


If you missed Monday's episode of them in Tobago, look out for reruns on VH1.

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