Tuesday 18 June, 2019

Watch: Harrowing rescue after teens fall into oil pit

Photo via Whatsapp.

Photo via Whatsapp.

A harrowing rescue operation took place on Wednesday after two teenagers fell into an oil pit, and upon trying to rescue them their stepfather, Kenneth Small, also became stuck.

The dramatic scene took place in Egypt Village, Point Fortin, when fire officers and police officers were called in to rescue the boys. 

According to police reports, around 4:30 pm on Wednesday, police received a report that two children – Darold Clarke 14, and Adiel Cyrus, 12 – had fallen into an oil pit located at the back of the Egypt Village Primary School.

The two boys, who are both students of the school, were said to be flying a kite when they fell into the pit.

Villagers who saw what was transpiring, notified the boy’s  64-year-old stepfather, Kenneth Small, who tried to rescue to the two children.

However, as a result of his actions, he too became stuck.

During the course of this, all three relatives were submerged during different points of the ordeal.

The fire officers were notified and a team of officers led by FSO Sancho, along with the assistance of villagers from the area, rushed to support.

Thankfully, they were able to rescue all three individuals.

The three relatives were rushed to the Point Fortin District Hospital where they were treated before being transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital.

Police were told that, despite being submerged in oil, their conditions appeared to be stable, but doctors wanted to keep the three in care for observations to ensure that there were no side effects.

Heritage Petroleum said in a statement that it is also providing assistance to the children and elderly man.

The company said a team was immediately dispatched to the scene, working alongside members of the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service and the Atlantic Emergency Reponse Team to rescue the individuals. 

Heritage said in accordance with its corporate social responsibility philosophy, Heritage has provided appropriate support and assistance to the affected persons accordingly.

More on this as it becomes available.

What is an oil seep?

A petroleum seep is a place where natural liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons escape to the earth's atmosphere and surface, normally under low pressure or flow. Seeps generally occur above either terrestrial or offshore petroleum accumulation structures.

The hydrocarbons may escape along geological layers, or across them through fractures and fissures in the rock, or directly from an outcrop of oil-bearing rock.

Petroleum seeps are quite common in many areas of the world. Natural products associated with these seeps include bitumen, pitch, asphalt and tar. 

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