Monday 26 October, 2020

Watch: How to protect yourself from coronavirus

In this iStock photo, a child washes his hand with soap and water.

In this iStock photo, a child washes his hand with soap and water.

There is increasing anxiety across Jamaica following confirmation of a case of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on the island.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has killed about 4,300 people over the last first four months since it was first detected in China.

Symptoms of the disease include fever, a dry cough and noticeable shortness of breath, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). A minority of cases develop pneumonia, and the disease is especially worrisome for the elderly and those with other medical problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes or heart conditions.


According to the WHO, among the measures you can implement to protect yourself are washing your hands well and often, keeping them away from your face, and avoiding crowds and standing close to people. Watch the short WHO video below to learn more...


Don't go straight to your doctor's office -- that just risks making more people sick, officials urge. Call ahead, and ask if you need to be seen and where.

Fever, cough and noticeable shortness of breath -- "if you have those three components, especially if it's associated with some recent travel or someone you know who's been exposed to COVID-19, those things should prompt you to call for medical attention," LeRoy said.

“Mildly ill patients should be encouraged to stay home,” the CDC's Dr Sue Gerber told doctors on a conference call last week. People having difficulty breathing should seek care, and older people or those with other conditions should contact their doctors early in the course of illness, she said.

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