Wednesday 8 July, 2020

WATCH: Huawei, Droid Island partner for smartphone Masterclass series

Mobile company Huawei Technologies has recently partnered with mobile expert Keron Mc Leish of Droid Island to produce the Droid Masterclass series aimed at further developing people's understanding of smartphones.

The series, Mc Leish said, is to educate, since smartphones have become such an essential day-to-day tool.

“From business, music, teaching, health, shopping, media consumption, they just do so much and I want to educate everyone on getting the right devices for themselves and getting the most out of it,” Mc Leish told Loop.

“Coming from Canada, where telecoms and retailers are doing their best to teach you about all the latest devices so that you can get the most out of your device, I saw a major lack of this here in Trinidad. Through blogging, tech videos and I positioned myself as a subject matter expert over the last year, and I reached out to Huawei with the idea.”



He pitched the idea to create a video series that educated the Caribbean mobile user on a variety of topics like Android basics, smartphone photography, things to look for when buying a phone. Huawei jumped on the concept and he teamed up with fellow tech blogger Devon X Scott, who shot and edited the series.

“One of the biggest voids we currently have in the Caribbean is the lack of expertise and content in the mobile space. Mobile technology, however, is one of the largest and fastest growing fields in the world, and the rate of change is astronomical,” Mc Leish told Loop.

With over a decade of telecommunications experience, Mc Leish’s avidity for the field is apparent. He got his first job in the field at 19 and worked with several major brands including Telus Communications, Rogers Communications and Apple as part of the iPhone specialists team.

"It's there I learned all about Steve Jobs' philosophies on selling through teaching. People want to learn how to get the most out of their products, and this gave me the foundation of how I operate Droid Island. Since leaving Apple my love for mobile tech has grown to where I have become an enthusiast of the field. Since I love working with people, doing my small part to help acclimate the Caribbean consumers with one of the most confusing fields is nothing short of a joy for me."

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