Monday 30 November, 2020

WATCH: Huge caiman surprises bathers in Chaguaramas

Humans aren't the only ones who enjoy a sea bath, it seems. 

Beachgoers received a surprise visit from a huge caiman which found its way down to Williams Bay, Chaguaramas earlier this week.

Video footage shared to social media on Thursday showed the creature, which looked to be (approximately) four feet in length, being carried away by professionals from the Emperor Valley Zoo. 

A representative from the Zoo said to LoopTT that the animal may have most likely wandered down from the nearby Cuesa River, which meanders from Tucker Valley down to the sea. 

"Most times during the dry season they are trapped in one spot, until the rains return, then they often wander down-river."

The Zoo assured that the creature was quickly and safely contained and then relocated to a protected area within the Nariva Swamp.

Needless to say, beachgoers were startled at their surprise visitor as the creature created quite a stir. 

Citizens are urged to report any sightings of animals to the Zoo on 622-5344 so they can safely remove it. 

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