Thursday 29 October, 2020

WATCH: Island Kidz Adventures take Toco

Join the Island Kidz as they venture to the Toco Lighthouse and make some interesting stops along the way.

Through their lens, enjoy the breath-taking sunrise, which you can only see if you reach up to Toco early enough or camp on the rocks like the Island Kidz did. Yes, we said ON the rocks! They even climbed down the cliffs just to snap the “perfect shot” or rather, the “perfect selfie”.

What’s a journey into the extremities of Trinidad without stopping to taste the mouth-watering (…and in the case of Antonio, eye-watering) cuisine?

The Island Kidz learned that Toco’s pepper sauce really is HOT! So what better way to cool down than to head over to the nearby Shark River, located on the coast between Matelot and Grand Rivière. Luckily for the Island Kidz, they didn’t run into any actual sharks, just clear refreshing water where they could enjoy the rest of their day in utter relaxation.

Stay tuned to keep up with Island Kidz Adventures!

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