Monday 13 July, 2020

WATCH: Island Kidz - Tobago Blue Food Festival

Join the Island Kidz as the team takes a trip to Trinidad’s gorgeous sister island for Tobago’s Blue Food Festival. This event celebrates the many ways that the blue provision (dasheen) can be enjoyed, whether it be in punches, wines, fruitcakes, soaps or candles. Yes, you read that right - dasheen candles! Surprisingly enough, mixed with spices like lemongrass, they are quite refreshing!

Their adventure doesn’t stop here though - get a chance to see former multi-champion of the Blue Food Festival, Shelly-Ann, and what wild tricks her friends are capable of.

“Wild?” you may ask… well if you don’t think ripping open coconuts with your bare teeth is wild, then we’d be shocked to hear your definition.

…but knowing the Island Kidz, something must go wrong! Missed flights? Heavy rainfalls? Check out the video to find out about their Tobago adventure and follow them on Facebook to see what other breathtaking sites and views are in store!

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