Monday 26 October, 2020

WATCH: Large waves send sea bathers running at Maracas

Despite the Met Office's warning of rough seas, some sea bathers ventured to Maracas Beach on Monday. 

However, the large swells sent everyone scampering in fright.

In its Rough Seas Bulletin, the Met Office warned that waves could get to as high as 4.0 metres in Open Waters and about 1.0 in sheltered areas.

Citizens have been warned not to go to the nation's beaches.

The Lifeguard Services Unit on Monday advised that special attention should be paid to information and warning bulletins issued on worsening sea conditions from the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service.

The public is advised that sea conditions are becoming rougher and more hazardous, with waves increasing in size and rip currents increasing in strength and size.

Surfers and bogey borders should be aware of the sea conditions especially around rocks, and surfing and swimming when there is lightning is also extremely dangerous.

The Lifeguard Services Unit advised that rough sea conditions usually have debris like logs that could injure unsuspecting bathers, as they are pushed to shore by the strong surf.

Visibility is compromised by heavy rainfall, affecting bathers as well as water craft operators.

Fishing on rocks and slippery areas should be avoided as an increase of wave activity is expected.

The public is advised that dislodged umbrellas on the beach, along with tents and chairs pose a danger to beachgoers, as well as falling coconuts, branches and broken trees that may be caused due to the wind force.


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