Tuesday 25 June, 2019

WATCH: Little girl trapped in escalator by her hair

This is the harrowing moment a toddler cries in pain after getting her hair and arm stuck in an escalator.

The youngster was travelling down the staircase at a shopping mall in Davao City, Philippines when she dropped her cuddly toy and reached down to pick it up.


But as she leant forward, the girl's hair was caught between the last step and the gap the bottom of the escalator - dragging her head straight towards the metal ledge.

Her arm was also trapped in the machine before an onlooker slammed the emergency stop button.

Footage shows the girl crying in pain as her father desperately tries to comfort her. Staff at the mall arrived with a pair of scissors to free her.

Onlooker Vannesa Baguiom, who recorded the clip, said: ''The little girl's toy fell so she was trying to reach it, that's when her hair got caught in the escalator.

''The reason why she's screaming in pain is because part of her arm is also caught, pinching the skin and muscles. It was pitiful to watch. I felt so sorry for her because nobody could do anything.''

The shopping mall's operations officer Jean Canetan arrived on the scene and freed the girl by unscrewing the bottom of the machine to release her arm. They also used scissors to gently cut away parts of the trapped hair.

A spokesman said: ''All is OK now and the girl is safe. It's all taken care of. That is the most important thing.''


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