Sunday 21 October, 2018

WATCH: Masked men spotted trying to break into Glencoe home

Residents in Glencoe and environs are being warned after a video showing two masked men trying to force their way into a house has gone viral online. 

The video, which was shared to social media on Friday, showed two men with what appeared to be t-shirts wrapped around their heads, using a metal bar to try to force open the front and back doors of a home. 

The men, who wore dark t-shirts and shorts were seen ducking to hide from passing cars and then feverishly trying to gain entry to the house. 

The men then tried to enter through another door, however, after spending some time trying to force the door open, their efforts were foiled as there was another wrought iron gate behind it.

Facebook user Andrew Gomes said the footage showed that the men left and came back a few minutes later with a cutlass and hammer, indicating they may have come from a nearby area.

He said the incident occurred on Wednesday.

The video has received almost 2,000 shares; see the footage below: