Wednesday 15 July, 2020

WATCH: Masqueraders conquer the stage on Carnival Monday

Carnival Monday saw masqueraders out in their splendour as they crossed the Queens Park Savannah yesterday.

It was evident that the usual anticipation to cross the big stage was real, as security personnel interlocked their hands to prevent masqueraders from rushing onto the judging point too soon.

When they finally released their hands, it was all over... waistlines, flags, rags and mason jars were wining and flinging it up.

Crossing the big stage were Tribe with this year's theme, 'Once Upon a Dream'; Lost Tribe with the theme 'Seven'; Passion Carnival with the theme 'The Secrets Within'; Ronnie and Caro with the theme 'The Checkered Board'; Mardi Gras TT with the theme 'This is Mardi Gras' and K2K Alliance and Friends with the theme 'We Stand United'.

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