Friday 10 July, 2020

Watch: Master your Android with Mr Droid Island's Android Aftercare

Mobile expert Keron Mc Leish has released his first book, "Android Aftercare: How To Maintain Your Android Device". 

The e-book, which was released earlier this month, is meant to help mobile users better understand the basics of their devices, especially against the backdrop of the constantly evolving Android eco-system. 

"There is so much happening in the world of mobile. It's 2018 and we're getting into this like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality and while these things are taking over in the global market, a lot of users down here [Caribbean] still have to learn the basics of Android and properly use their device before we can jump into some of the more advanced features that some of these devices are coming out with."

The e-book tackles a number of topics from proper battery charging techniques of Li-Ion batteries, keeping your phone running smoothly as it ages, tracking misplaced devices, memory management, and more. 


Android Aftercare: How To Maintain Your Android Device is currently available on Amazon for just US$2.99. 

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