Monday 13 July, 2020

WATCH: MatchMe Project working to create opportunities for students

Shallona Shallowe is committed to the country’s youth, specifically those who she thinks are ‘invisible’ in our educational institutions.

This passion led to her launching the MatchMe Project, a programme she said was designed to engage youth in schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago and create character-building opportunities so that they can become effective global citizens.

“Within the education sector, there are many opportunities for our young people to engage in youth activities that contribute to their academic and holistic development. Throughout my career as an educator at the secondary and tertiary level, I have personally seen the positive benefits that our youth experience through participation in these activities,” she said.

She said that there are many educators and school administrators who don’t have the knowledge or time to assess and effectively manage co-curricular programs that enhance the skills, knowledge, and abilities of students.

This, she says, results in many youths not being able to access or experience character-building training or seminars. This may be due to their geographical location, school culture, lack of funding or discrimination based on socio-cultural factors.

 “The MatchMe Project seeks out students who are ‘invisible’ in our educational institutions. My project intends to match students with activities that seek to build their skills and competencies so that they can contribute positively to their country.”

The programme, which was launched in October, is currently being implemented at Northeastern College, Guaico Secondary School, Toco Composite, Bishop Anstey High School East & Trinity College, and Arima Government Secondary. However, it’s her aim to have the programme implemented in all schools across Trinidad and Tobago. She also intends to host a MatchMe Conference for all students in the near future.

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