Saturday 23 June, 2018

WATCH: National Sec. School Entrepreneurship Competition kicks off

The entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than it's ever been before in Trinidad and Tobago and the National Secondary School Entrepreneurship Competition (NSSEC) is aiming to stimulate that spirit within young students. 

NSSEC--the first local competition of its kind--will bring together over 60 secondary schools from across Trinidad and Tobago to compete in a dynamic entrepreneurship simulation game. Each team will have five students representing their school.

To help launch the competition, Gary Lewis, of Innovative Learning Solutions in Tennessee visited Arthur Lok Jack on Wednesday to provide secondary school teachers from participating schools with a briefing on how to accurately use the business simulation that students will be competing in. 

The competition, the brain child of Stone Brothers Limited, is the first simulation-based entrepreneurial competition in Trinidad and Tobago. The experience is intended to equip students with essential practical skills and to foster their critical thinking abilities as well as the confidence to make strategic decisions that will impact the development of their future business ventures.

The programme is a collaborative effort sponsored by Shell Trinidad, First Citizens Bank and Massy Foundation, with UWI Arthur Lok Jack serving as the official education partner and PwC acting as official advisors. 

Beyond the invaluable skills and experience to be gained in this training programme, nearly 15 full and partial scholarships will be awarded to the top 15 students for a new undergraduate programme, the Bachelor of International and Sustainable Business (September 2018 Intake), offered by our Education Partner, the UWI- Lok Jack GSB. To follow the leaderboard and updates for the competition, like and follow NSSEC on Facebook or visit their website,  

The Marketplace Live is one of the world's most popular business simulations and is currently used in hundreds of universities and corporations worldwide including the University of Toronto, Pennsylvania State University, Helsinki School of Economics, and Business Administration, University of Auckland, National University of Singapore, Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, BMW, amongst hundreds of others.