Wednesday 27 May, 2020

Watch: Nurse supports 84-yr-old pensioner after robbery attack

The viral story of a young nurse brought to tears after an elderly San Fernando woman was robbed of her pension money and medication, has a heartwarming ending. 

25-year-old Kelly Phillip, of Olera Heights, San Fernando, shared a video of her account in May which went viral as people were shocked to hear how an 84-year-old woman was savagely preyed upon by a robber posing as a taxi driver. 

Phillip, who will graduate later this year with a BSc in Nursing from COSTAAT and is currently preparing for Nursing Council examinations, said she saw 84-year-old Gloria Brown struggling to walk while on her way to the exam, and said she could not leave her in that state. 

"She was crying, she said 'you know how long I trying to stop a car? Nobody wanted to give me a drop'," Phillip related. 

She helped her down the hill and after seeing her safely on her way, headed to class. She also learned that Brown lived just a few buildings away from her at Olera Heights, and decided to check on her after class.

"I saw bruises on her skin and she looked sad but was happy to see me. She told me, 'you know I was robbed this afternoon?' and I started to cry," Phillip said.

The pensioner said she went to a doctor to buy medication in San Fernando and after taking a taxi to return home, instead of being dropped off at her location, she was taken up to San Fernando Hill.

The driver then proceeded to grab her handbag and pushed her into the back seat. He allegedly threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the incident.

The driver then reversed, dragged her out of the car and left with her belongings which included her pension cheque, her medication, and some cash.

"People real wicked outside here. How could you rob an old lady? When I saw the bruises on her, it broke my heart," Phillip said.

Her video touched many people and received almost 150,000 views and over 4,700 shares.

Phillip told LoopTT that she had no idea that her post would have gone viral and reached so many people.

"I had no idea when I shared my video that I would have gotten this response. I still look for her and make sure she's good. I'm a student so there's only so much I can do, but I try to help as much as I can. I get her meds for her and I also got her a phone so she can make and receive calls," Phillip said.

She added that Brown's relatives contacted her after seeing the video, but she said the visits are infrequent and the elderly woman was often lonely and sad. 

"It's sad, I try to be there for her. I wasn't expecting the video to go viral, I just wanted people to know how nasty these monsters are out here, how wicked they could be, and then this thing just went viral," she said.

She added that a kind donor by the name of Mr Maraj donated $1,000 to 'Miss Gloria' as Phillip refers to her, to assist with replacing the medication she lost as well as the money that was stolen from her. 

She said Miss Gloria told her to put up the photo to let everyone know she is ok. 

"She calls me her great-grandchild, and I try to help her with washing dishes and stuff even though I have exams, I just want her to feel comfortable. I don't do what I do for likes or anything, I just try to help people," she said. 

Kelly has since received hundreds of comments from citizens commending her kind deeds. 

Lynda Leid:

"I hope God raise up more like you out there, doing my best to raise my children that way. Only this morning I was thinking that I hope I will have people around me when I get too old to help myself. God bless and keep you hun."

Tatti Anna:

"God bless you for giving a helping hand even though u did not have's ppl like you that gives me faith for a better tomorrow."

Devi Bhagwatya: 

"God bless u for ur kindness towards this woman!!! And yes god is great the person who did that to the poor woman will pay."

Brian Cornwall:

"Thank you Kelly for what you did for that elderly citizen, your one in a million of a dying breed of ppl who are still able to sympathize and feel empathy for another person. The lowlife who did that great injustice to that woman will soon reap all that he has sowed, so continue to heed the call of God's holy spirit and falter not, hold steed fast for your calling is a noble one."

Margaret Sebro:

"God bless you both. Good luck in your nursing career. You fit the job."


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