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Wednesday 12 August, 2020

Watch: PSA head calls for $15K for public servants by August

Head of the Public Servants Association  (PSA), Watson Duke, accused the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) of 'playing games' after he said there was a delay regarding wages for public servants. 

In a media briefing on Monday, Duke said that servants should be paid $15,000 as an 'act of understanding', based on the inflationary rate of increase of the cost of living.


The total sum being asked for, for approximately 80,000 public servants, would amount to approximately $1.2 billion.

Duke said after workers rejected a zero percent offer in May, the PSA called for another meeting and the CPO requested further information as a 'delaying tactic'.

He said that workers should be paid $15,000 before August as an act of good faith.

"As an act of good faith, of understanding the suffering of the man on the ground, deposit in each of these 80,000 persons accounts, $15,000 by August month-end. It is a simple back pay from 2010 to present. "

"The average back pay is over $20,000 for a three-year period. Now we are saying, based on the inflationary rate, we are saying at the minimum, give workers $15,000 as an ex-gratia payment towards their arrears owed to them from 2010 right up to 2018. "

"That is a reasonable offer. It would cost about $1.2 billion, and that should be paid by August 31," he said.

"The CPO's office is understaffed in both quantity and quality or personnel. However...they continue to punish public servants," he said.

Duke said he has received thousands of messages from members who are struggling to survive amongst the rising cost of living. 

He said the time will come when workers will rise up if this is not addressed.


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