Sunday 26 May, 2019

Watch: Rebirth House giving recovering addicts a second chance at life

It's easy to write off people like drug addicts or condemn them for their past actions. 

Unfortunately, this mindset makes it difficult for them to get clean and get back on their feet. 

Rebirth House is giving recovering addicts the opportunity to not only get clean, but gain skills that would allow them to successfully re-integrate into society. 

With the help of the Digicel Foundation, Rebirth House has created a woodworking workshop that assists residents with rehabilitation and personal development through occupational therapy in the form of craft and furniture-building.

According to Digicel Foundation, the long-term aim of the project will impact the lives of approximately 80 men, allowing them to become more self-reliant and generate an income from the items they create. 


"This project will assist the rehbilitation of many men struggling with thes ills and provide them with useful skills to be productive members of society," said rehabilitation therapist, Dr. Valerie Ragbir. "This iniative will also help these men reconnect with their families and build a sustainable life for themselves and their loved ones."

"Now that we have a complete workshop we can do everything from preparation to assembly to completion...we have it all," said Sean a former addict-turned-instructor at Rebirth House. "Thanks to Digicel [Foundation] we're on a roll. I started here as a recovering addict, now I've been asked to be an instuctor. You always give back something; this is a place for addicts run by addicts. In addition to woodworking, we have rabbits, poultry and farming. I am honoured to teach recovering addicts all about woodworking. I'll give my heart and soul to this place for as long as it's open. 

"The nice about Rebirth House is that there's no time limit for how long you can stay here. Vincent [Mejaries] and the administration never turn away people. This is a place for the less fortunate. I've seen people coming in here literally dragging themselves and they walk out here with heads held high because Rebirth has given them confidence and strength to go out there and live life. 

"Recovery has nothing to do with drugs; it's about learning to re-integrate yourself back into society where you can become responsible and productive members of society." 


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