Thursday 29 October, 2020

Watch: San Juan river clogged with garbage; litterbugs slammed

Citizens expressed anger after a video showing a river clogged with garbage was shared online over the weekend. 

Councillor for Aranguez/Warner Village, Amit Sooknanan, shared a video taken of the San Juan river, showing hundreds of plastic bottles and other garbage which had been washed downriver and now clogged part of the river. 

"This is the San Juan River, watch what going on here, a sea of plastic. When rain come, this will sure(ly) flood," he said.

What appeared to be a small appliance was also seen propped along the river bank. 

Citizens slammed litterbugs and called on Trinibagonians to do better. 

Judy D Lutawan:

"Omg. Trinidadians really dotish. Please people out your garbage in bags for garbage disposal.look what does happen to you self."

Tara Debance Persad:

"Trinidadians to blasted nasty dey love to dump garbage in drains an ravines."

Keal Jack:

"People are too nasty. Don't complaint about it now. Throw more. When we experience a serious flood or serious hurricane then I believe we will learn from our nastiness. (My sweet Trinidad and Tobago)."

Linda Lawrence Greaves:

"Omy goodness...I dispose of my garbage daily through a proper garbage collection. Not many areas in my country can say the easiest way is to dispose of it in drains, ravines n rivers. The citizens need to be held accountable I rarely see litter wardens..many of our citizens couldn't care less. I hope some big company can start a recycling plant ..those plastics can be recycled n reused."

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One person said that people even dump garbage at a local worship site.

Shiva Kateri Amman Mission:

"Tell them Amit Sooknanan people use the Shiva kateri Amman worship site and them dump garbage in the river I go every day and clean that river with my hands pick up bottles them miss the garbage truck them take the garbage dump it any were people need to keep the rivers clean pay truck to pick up old materials from my worship site I have pictures how i clean and that site tourist come to look at birds I do my best to clean it."

Studies have shown that single-use plastics (disposable plastic bags, disposable plastic bottles), as well as styrofoam products, are not only destroying wildlife but are now being found in seafood and other food sources. 

Two ways to cut down on the amount of plastic being found in the environment is to use less disposable plastic by buying less disposable water, juice and soft drink bottles, as well as other types of one-use plastics, such as straws. 

Citizens can also recycle the plastic they use by dropping them off at plastic recycling points. 

For a list of iCare's plastic recycling collection points, see here:  


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