Thursday 29 October, 2020

Watch: Soca fan slithers into Fay-Ann and Bunji’s yard

A visit from a slithery fan left soca star Fay-Ann Lyons in a state of surprise on Wednesday.

Lyons posted up videos to Instagram on showing the snake, a Macajuel or red-tailed boa constrictor, which was found in the soca couple's yard.


Boa constrictors are non-venomous and are protected by law.

Lyons said in her caption: “Rainy season guests. #Snake This beast is sleeping quite comfortably in my yard.

However the animal was not harmed as professionals were able to come to collect it for relocation.

“Ok so our friend has been safely relocated, and the village is safe again. Thank you to our snake handlers,” she said.

Director of Wildlife and Environmental Protection of Trinidad and Tobago (WEPTT), Kristopher Rattansingh said during heavy rains, these animals are often forced out of their homes, and seek dry ground. 

“The rains disturb a lot of their habitats because these snakes are largely terrestrial so they would move to dry land especially when it comes to looking for food."

"They can climb trees but being that their food sources are rodents and small mammals but can also be birds they would move to find food. Their food would have also been displaced by the rains and water and quite often we see rats and mice going near homes as they find food there, and the snakes follow those rats and mice."

Rattansingh said without snakes, communities may be overrun by rodents, and so they play an important role in the environment.

"We should acknowledge that the snakes are doing us a great service by getting rid of those rats and mice around our home. Please keep in mind they're harmless and will move on shortly but as always people can call us to have them relocated more quickly and safely," he said. 

If a snake or other wild animal is seen in your home, please don't kill it but contact professionals to have it relocated. Call 800-4ZOO (4966) or WEPTT on 341-9983. 

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