Monday 14 October, 2019

Watch: St Ann's residents block road over water shortages, potholes

Frustrated residents of Mount Hololo, St Ann's, placed barrels with signs along a roadway after they said they have not had a steady water supply for over a month, in addition to dealing with numerous large potholes in the area. 

Hololo resident Brent McFarlane said he said residents in the area do not want to cause trouble but they are at their wits' end after trying to get the situation resolved with no relief over the past month.

"We don't think we are being properly represented, we have been begging the MP and councillors for a very long while of the condition of our roads. We've also had drastic water issues for months because of no water, and it has just become overbearing now."

"It's affecting our lives, some children cannot get to school, we had an incident where an elderly woman was walking along the road and twisted her ankle in one of the holes. We've contacted the MP who said he will visit us in the coming weeks, but we need the help now.

"We don't usually ask for things, but the rehabilitation of the road is poor and we are tired of waiting," he said.

McFarlane added that the issue is not a political one.

"In my 32 years of existence I have never known any other party, this is a PNM area...when election time comes around they're going to walk along these same roads to try to get our support so why can't they fix them?" McFarlane said.

He added that because of the condition of the roads, taxi drivers are threatening to stop driving into the area, which would leave residents stranded. 

(Video: Residents speak out over water shortages on Sunday February 25, 2018, at Mount Hololo, St Ann's.)

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) is working on an additional Hololo reservoir which would add an additional 20,000 gallons of water to the area.

Although the reservoir should become operational by month-end, McFarlane said water trucks have not been delivering water to the area in the interim.

Port of Spain North/St Ann's West MP Stuart Young replied via a statement that he has been in constant contact with WASA over the water shortages as well as the Ministry of Works over road repairs and workers are due to visit the area this week.

"The residents of Hololo, like other areas in the Constituency of Port of Spain North/ St Ann’s West have been facing challenges with a steady and stable supply of water. I have been in continuous contact with WASA about these matters. There are difficulties being faced and it is extremely inconvenient not to have an effective schedule of water supply. I am assured that WASA is working to rectify this.

"It was only this week that I was contacted by two residents of Hololo a Ms Francois and a Mr MacFarlane, about the state of some parts of the road. I responded to both residents and I spoke to both the Councillor from the San Juan Laventille Corporation and the Ministry of Works and Transport about the roads.

"I have informed the residents that their concerns with respect to water have been raised by me with WASA. The concerns with respect to the road are being dealt with tomorrow, Monday, by the San Juan Laventille Municipal Corporation. The Ministry of Works and Transport is also on standby to fix the road tomorrow.

"This has been communicated with residents but they are entitled to take whatever legal action they wish. As soon as I was informed about the two issues I immediately addressed them. I was also informed by the Councillor for the area that he was aware of the issues and had been in contact with the residents," Young said. 


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