Monday 13 July, 2020

Watch: Students breathe a sigh of relief after the SEA exam

Students breathed a sigh of relief after the 2019 Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) exam on April 4, 2019.

LoopTT spoke to students of Newtown Girls RC School and Newtown Boys RC School after the exam, to get their views.


Education Minister Anthony Garcia said the 2019 SEA exam was successful and was conducted without a hitch.

Speaking to media after the exam, Garcia refuted allegations that students shared exam scripts. 

He explained that exam packages are prepared for each individual student, which means that exact numbers are delivered to schools for distribution.

“Each child is uniquely registered for this examination. So the 18,844 students registered for this examination would have had an admission slip and associated with that identification tags attesting to their student identity via a unique pin placed on each script.”

“When it is time for marking… it is uniquely done per child.”

He said based on this unique process in the preparation of the exam packages it was a “virtually impossibility” that students could have shared scripts.

The SEA exam began at 8.30 am and ran for three hours and 20 minutes. Students were given a half hour break after the first two components of the exam.

A total of 18,844 pupils wrote the exam at 554 centres, with 232 monitors overseeing the process across Trinidad and Tobago.

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