Wednesday 28 October, 2020

Watch: Students lead the way in local climate strike march

Photo: Alina Doodnath

Photo: Alina Doodnath

Even as flood waters from Tropical Storm Karen recede, people are beginning to speak out more and more about climate change.

“Planet over profit!”

This was the rallying cry of students, activists and more held a local demonstration calling for leaders to take action against climate change.


The march, which was held in tandem with global climate change protests by students and children around the world, began when 15-year-old student Tristan Morgan decided to take action.

Morgan, a student at the International School of Port of Spain, made it clear however that he is ‘just a regular person’ who was trying to help.

“I actually forgot about it and then when I checked, I realised a hundred people had signed up, so I thought, I need to do something about this,” he said.

Morgan, with the support of his parents, enlisted the help of his teachers along with environmental NGO IAMovement to help make the event a reality.

One supporter said that the recent flooding and the piles of garbage being seen in photos is a clear sign that Trinidad and Tobago must take more action against climate change.

“Recently, with the flooding that we had, we’re not talking about why these things are happening,” said one activist.

Climate Strike March

Recently, a beach clean-up held by the Ministry of Planning and Development and the European Union delegation to Trinidad and Tobago at the Foreshore yielded over 2,000 pounds of garbage. The clean-up was just one of 30 clean-ups held for the International Coastal Clean-up on September 21, 2019.

Morgan encouraged other students and people interested in the event to come forward and get together to plan activities focusing on climate change.

“This is just the beginning, we need to keep at it, we need to come together,” he said.

Directors of the IAMovement, Jonathan and Daniel Barcant, encouraged students and others to keep connecting in order to create solutions to the problem of climate change.

The group is also having a gathering at the Hollows at the Queen’s Park Savannah on Saturday September 28, 2019, to give away seedlings for their #AmazonChallenge, which seeks to replant trees to combat deforestation.

For more information visit IAMovement at

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