Wednesday 17 October, 2018

WATCH: Trinis clap back after sport blogger's insults

Trinbagonians issued a series of savage comments, slamming a US sports blogger who made fun of Trinidad and Tobago's size and electricity supply.

Facebook sports page Barstool Sports’s video which was shared online last Wednesday included tongue-in-cheek comments about Trinidad and Tobago's size and power supply. 

Barstool Sports host David Portnoy said T&T “just got electricity two weeks ago” and that the country's population could “fit in his backyard”, stirring up T&T’s ire. They did not take it lying down.

The saltiness comes after the US football team was blocked from its chances to qualify for the 2018 World Cup after losing 2-1 to Trinidad and Tobago last Tuesday.

Citizens clapped back with savage yet truthful suggestions that instead of insulting other countries, perhaps US soccer fans should focus on their own team.

Maurice Forde:

“I'm sorry but the comment about Trinidad having electricity two weeks ago tho it may be a very disrespectful..I'm not from Trinidad but that comment was dismissive to that country. Do some research. Trinidad is one of the wealthiest if not the wealthiest island in the Caribbean. To add their "soccer" team has performed very well in past world cups.”

Sheldon Sammy:

“It's sad to see people on tv talking sh*t about places they know nothing about, Trinidad is very beautiful and it's a prospering nation, to say we just got electricity is absolutely absurd and disrespectful. I wish he would visit a place called Laventille and say that to the locals! Btw Trinidad cut USA's a**!”


Denique Assam-Meighoo:

“I feel sorry for these guys and their lack of knowledge about my country! Pure ignorance! What bunch of losers! I am a proud Trinidadian!”

Netza Jack:

“England should not have been knocked out of the Euros by Iceland either, but it happened. That’s football. On the day, no matter who you are, if you don’t “turn up”, you get beat #fact”


Raina Lichelle Hayes:

“Just surprises me how ignorant you people are. So you didn't make it to the World Cup and you need to disrespect Trinidad and Tobago. Do your some a book...Trinidad is very much developed and as you can see very much capable of beating your a**!!!”

Tia Haynes-HarryPaul:

"These comments about Trinidad and Tobago are amazing. Especially with Google being around. Let me add to cause to injury....THEY PLAYED THE B TEAM OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO."


ESPN commentator and former Soca Warrior, Shaka Hislop commented to ESPN UK after last week’s match that the team was “the most arrogant” he has seen for some time.

See both videos below (caution, strong language, viewer's discretion advised):