Tuesday 14 July, 2020

WATCH: Vicious El Dorado assault caught on CCTV

Video footage of a gruesome assault which left one man motionless in a drain, is engaging the attention of police. 

Two video clips, taken from CCTV footage and dated July 27, 2017, shows the brutal attack in which one man repeatedly stomps on another man in drain, leaving him apparently lifeless. 

The initial clip shows one man in a white vest and three-quarter pants holding what appears to be a firearm. He points the weapon at the victim, who falls into a drain.

However, after the weapon appears to be jammed, another man enters the camera's view and begins attacking the victim, stomping on him over 15 times. The two then run off beyond camera range, leaving the victim lying in the drain. 

According to police reports, the incident occurred along Pentecostal Road, El Dorado. 

Police said the victim, who has been identified as Akino Thomas, was shot several times about the body and severely beaten.

He was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex for treatment where he remains in critical condition.

(Caution: This video contains upsetting scenes, as a result some of the footage has been blurred. Viewer's discretion is advised.)


More as this story is updated. 

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