Sunday 17 February, 2019

WATCH: Worm-like creatures spotted in rice at local supermarket

One woman's video showing what appears to be weevil or moth larvae in a container of rice at a local supermarket is going viral.

Facebook user Gita Orie, who shared the video in a public social media post last Tuesday, said she was at a supermarket in Trincity when she spotted the unsavoury item.

"Went to buy some groceries at (supermarket) in Trincity today. Apparently they are selling protein with the rice."

She did add however that the item's expiry date was listed as 2018. 

Orie said when she told a staff member they just took the item down without bothering to check the other products. She added that she saw that some items had passed their expiry dates. 

Some expressed shock and disgust at the find.

Cristalle Ganash:

"Das meal worms I think they call them...i bought that brand already and those worms hatch into a kinda took me months to get rid of them as they went in everything...all my beans etc. They get into sealed containers idk how. It's terrible and gross."

Tauro Sahadeo:

"This reminds me of the time I bought d largest pack of rice at (another supermarket).  opened the bag, poured out d rice into a bucket and covered it . Mind you it was sealed properly. The following day i opened d bucket... was going to cook... i dropped that cover and ran like the wind. millions of worms, just like the ones in d vid was swarming on d bucket cover n on d rice . i took the rice and the bill back to the grocery ... the manager refused to accept that the rice was theirs... she told me she needed to see the actual packaging. I told her here is the bill as proof of purchase. she continued to be belligerent. i told her " Mam you know me , i purchase all of my groceries at this grocery... however because of this you are going to lose a customer" ... in her presence i saw a guy asked if he had dogs to which he replied "yes" i told him about the rice he took it n after that i bought all of my groceries at another supermarket."

Kathy-Ann Baksh:

"Trinidadians too complacent. Instead of making complaints to those in authority, they go just buy something else."

Nirmala Balkaransingh said that proper checks should have been done.

"Sometimes it's not the sellers fault. Most grains already have worms and weevel living within grain. However being one of those "big name" supermarkets their workers should've run a check on those products every day. So customers like yourself shouldn't have the cause to be disgusted."

Have you had an unpleasant experience at your local supermarket? 

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