Wednesday 2 December, 2020

Watch: Young farmer seeks buyers for 60,000 lbs of paw paw

20-year-old Jared Mohammed of Tortuga has 60,000 pounds of paw paw but he’s worried his investment may go to waste.

Facebook page ‘Our Farmers Voice’ shared a video showing Mohammed amid rows of paw paw trees in South Trinidad, asking for all interested buyers to come forward as he has 60,000 pounds of the fruit for sale.


Mohammed said his paw paws are still green however with the extreme weather he’s not sure the fruit will last, therefore he’s seeking buyers as soon as possible.

I have a lot of paw paw to push but with the weather I don’t feel the paw paw might last. The field is fully loaded, the trees falling down. I’m looking for a sale for green paw paw,” he said.

The post has gone viral with over 3,500 shares as people are trying to help the farmer before his crop is destroyed.

All interested buyers can contact Jarad or Nicholas on 380-8750.

According to some sources, unripe paw paw has numerous health benefits. Green paw paw is said to have a higher amount of potassium than ripe fruit, as well as higher amounts of papain, a protein-digesting enzyme, than ripe ones.

Green paw paw is helpful for cleaning the digestive system and is said to help clean the colon.

Some have said that green paw paw aids lactation in new mothers

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