Saturday 26 May, 2018

WATCH: Youngsters paid for their items, says Massy Stores

Supermarket chain Massy Stores updated customers regarding a viral video featuring three persons who appeared to leave the store without paying for their items.

A video shared to social media earlier this week showed three male persons who appeared to be promoting a new song.

The three youngsters were shown walking through the aisles of the store, opening bottles of various drinks and mixing them, before walking out of the store.

However, the store clarified the issue, posting CCTV footage to its social media page, showing the young musicians cashing for their items on July 13, 2017.

Many of you sent the video notifying us about the irresponsible behaviour of several young men at our St. Augustine store. Currently we are liaising with the necessary authorities on this matter. Thank you to everyone who had our best interest at heart. They didn’t get away with it!"

"In fact they were intercepted by our security and made to pay for the items which they opened and escorted off the compound. We’ve got the video to prove it…#clapback #dotherightthing,” the company said on Thursday.