Tuesday 25 June, 2019

Watch: YUMA brings the vibes with Jukebox

'Material Girls' at the launch of YUMA's Jukebox. Photo: Justin Ramcharan

'Material Girls' at the launch of YUMA's Jukebox. Photo: Justin Ramcharan

When it comes to band launches, YUMA never disappoints. 

Their launches have become known for real party vibes and at the launch of the band's 2019 presentation, Jukebox, on Sunday night, that is exactly what patrons got. 

Keeping with its theme, the party was fuelled by a range of music from retro soca to all of Ding Dong's dancehall songs.

It helped too, that the band has welcomed into its fold a lot of groups with a very youthful following which will be collaborating with the band in 2019. 

Those groups include Island Crashers TT, teamEA, Artikal Entertainment, 8six8, Renlim Ent. (UWI, St. Augustine), Ishore, Dignitariez, Dirty Medics Jouvert and Pryme as well as TDEK and BPositivo, both based in Florida. 

Affiliates from the Jamaican arm of the band Xodus, Atlantic Mas from Canada, Lotus from Florida, Just4Fun from St. Lucia and Ramajay Mas from NYC were also present adding to the family vibe.

Of course, everyone was there to see the costume presentation for Jukebox. Named for different musical influences over the years, the sections included costumes depicting songs such as: 'We Jamming', "Lemonade', 'Material Girl', 'It's Carnival', 'Mi Gente', 'Jean and Dinah', 'Fever', 'Wild Thoughts', 'Ultra', 'Bacchanal' and 'Thriller'.

Yuma presents Jukebox for Carnival 2019

The models served serious attitude and kept the vibes of the party flowing on stage with designer Marie Collette bringing her own costume 'Ultra' to life with her animated dance moves. Athaliah Samuel, showcasing the David Dewer designed 'Lemonade' costume, worked the stage in her shimmering gold costume while model Chloe Joseph brought the 'Material Girl' costume to life when she sent dollar bills flying into the air. 

Loop was there to capture all the action.

Video: Kyle Walcott

Photos: Justin Ramcharan



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