Sunday 5 April, 2020

Updated: Adverse weather alert cancelled

The Meteorological Service (Met Office) has cancelled an adverse weather alert issued on Saturday. 

The alert was extended on Sunday as conditions were expected to persist until 6 pm. 

However, despite conditions becoming settled, showers and thunderstorm activity is still expected. 

Rains are expected to continue, with Monday's forecast noting partly cloudy conditions, with periods of light to moderate showers in varying localities.

There is also a 40 percent (medium) chance of a few heavy showers or thunderstorms in confined areas during the afternoon. The nighttime will be settled with a few lingering showers.

The Met Office further noted that gusty winds, street/flash flood is likely in areas of heavy showers and thunderstorms.  

Original article:

With the return of atmospheric features, including the trailing end of a tropical wave, the country is expected to experience significant showers and thunderstorms over various parts of T&T until this evening.

While Saturday night saw settled conditions, the Meteorological Service (Met Office) has extended its Adverse Weather Alert – Yellow Level until 6 pm due to the resurgence in activity.

Current weather conditions are expected to favour Northern areas of Trinidad.

The Met Office advised that street/flash flooding and landslips are possible in areas that are usually susceptible.

Further, the Met Office warned of the possibility of winds to gust in excess of 50km/hr.

Citizens are advised that there is moderate risk, with conditions are expected to cause some disruptions in few places.

The Met Office urged citizens to monitor conditions and updates from official sources including media.

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