Thursday 20 February, 2020

Web Source advises customers on Christmas shipments

In anticipation of the Christmas rush, Web Source has advised its customers about its process while awaiting their packages during the Christmas season. 

In a statement released on Thursday, the courier company acknowledged that a number of customers had received "Failed Delivery Attempt" notifications from the US Postal Service (USPS). 

"In many of those instances, the time shown in that notification is typically on a Sunday or an evening after 6PM, that is when our warehouse is closed. As long as your Web Source shipping address was correctly used, these notifications are no cause for alarm.

"The USPS Office for our area does not actually deliver to us as we are a known courier company," the statement further clarified. "We have an arrangement where they receive your packages, mark them as "Delivered" (so that it’s “cleared” from their delivery queue) and we send our trucks to collect these items. That’s why you’ll likely receive your “Delivered” confirmation from USPS anywhere from three to five days before we receive and process your item at our Miami warehouse. Regarding the failed delivery attempts, these items are typically returned to the Post Office from where we collect as normal. Still, always double-check during checkout to ensure that your shipping address was saved correctly."

Web Source also stated that it has increased staff numbers at its Miami warehouse to properly manage the increased number of orders and cargo which started from the Thanksgiving season into Christmas. Multiple shifts have been added to ensure that packages will be processed around the clock, the company said. 

"There will be a window of time between the physical delivery of your package and actual processing due to the various physical processes required e.g. UPS often marks an entire container of packages as "Delivered", then leaves it for us to offload, sort and process," Web Source added. "This results in your "Delivered" notification from UPS / FedEx etc. sometimes hours before we can actually process your package and send our confirmation email."

If you have any additional questions, contact Web Source at 285-4WEB (4932). 

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