Saturday 4 April, 2020

Web Source staff member defrauds customers; company apologises

Photo: The Web Source head office in Trincity.

Photo: The Web Source head office in Trincity.

Courier Services Company, Web Source apologised to customers after acknowledging that a former staff member defrauded several customers in the Chaguanas area within the last couple weeks.

The company said in a statement issued Tuesday that it was truly sorry about the situation.

“We are beyond regrettably sorry and truly hate the situation we were placed in recently.”

Web Source said over a three-week period in June, it received feedback from some customers indicating that their debit cards had been cloned and used for fraudulent transactions.

The company said the issue was reported to the various banks and to the Fraud Squad in Port-of-Spain who have been actively pursuing the investigation.

Web Source revealed that one of its employees linked to these activities has since resigned and is assisting the police with their investigation.

The courier company added that it will continue to adopt preventative and detection methods to stay ahead of “the parasitic criminals who try every trick to prey on us all.”

Web source is also encouraging its customers to provide feedback to them.

Customers can email their questions and queries at

“Even after 8 years in this business, with various precautions and systems in place, sometimes things still fail at the worst possible time and inevitably results in us not fulfilling our promise to you. Please rest assured that we want to hear from you. Quite often customers alert us to perspectives in solving problems that we were unable to see ourselves.”

Web Source also issued the following card safety reminders to its customers:

"1. We urge all customers to remain vigilant during their transactions with all companies especially when using a mobile payment terminal.

2. Always insist on keeping your card in plain view and ensure you obtain your receipt even for declined transactions.

3. Most importantly, periodic reviews of your transaction history via your bank statements can help identify any anomalies which can reveal fraudulent activities from the most unexpected areas. Your bank will primarily be able to assist you with any such queries.

4. Any confirmed instances of fraudulent transactions should be reported to the Fraud Squad."


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