Friday 10 July, 2020

Wedding couple gives to the homeless on their big day

Photos via Love All, Serve All/Facebook.

Photos via Love All, Serve All/Facebook.

A wedding couple turned their big day into one of giving back to those in need. 

Local charity organisation Love All, Serve All, shared photos of a wedding couple who decided to feed the homeless on their wedding day.

The couple, identified as Crystal and Mike, were seen giving out meals to people throughout parts of Trinidad. 

The group said the couple are regular volunteers at its Central Kitchen.

"Well a couple from our Central Kitchen really displayed these two pillars on their wedding day. 

"In the planning stages of their wedding, they really wanted to include the distribution of meals to our hungry on the streets as part of their special day. However, it never seemed to pan out whether or not it would be disrespectful to the guests in attendance."

"It’s said that a dream is a wish your heart makes and this definitely had to a be a dream come true because what their heart wished for, it came to reality. Things just fell into place. It had to be some sort of Divine Intervention at play."

"Kudos to Crystal & Mike for their continued support to our Central Kitchen in being part of this Offering of Love, To Love, From Love and coincidentally on a Day celebrating Love..."

"Last but not least, Congrats to you both on your Special Day and May you be blessed to continue on this Path of Love & Service," the group said. 

Citizens praised them for their kindness.

Belinda Ali: "Congratulations and indeed a great show of love....may you always be blessed as you journey together."

Yvonne Shepherd: "Just as you look you have a beautiful soul. May love continue to grow in your lives."

Camille Sookdeo-John: "An amazing way to start off your lives as a married couple. Blessings to you all now and always." 

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