Thursday 23 January, 2020

What's wrong with this picture? Students pull off high school prank

(Image courtesy of Cumberland School District)

(Image courtesy of Cumberland School District)

Graduating students at a high school in the US state of Wisconsin have pulled off a prank so sophisticated that even the police were impressed.

The students created an illusion that appeared to show that a car had crashed through the wall of the principal’s office at Cumberland High School.

They used a junk car that had been cut in half, bricks and tape to mock up the scene and a black tarp to make it look like the vehicle had smashed into the school.

Police arrived on the scene only to realise that it wasn't really a wreck. The police department wrote on Facebook that it was "one of the best senior pranks" to come out of the school.

The school district also appreciated the prank, saying in a Facebook post: “Nice work seniors! You had everyone a little nervous this morning!”

“The best part? This prank included absolutely no damage at all to school property, which is why police singled it out,” the post said.

School principal Ritchie Narges told US media that the scene “looked very, very real”.

“But then I thought: ‘This has gotta be a prank'. If this is the worst thing our kids are going to do, we’ve got some pretty darn good kids.”

Here's another shot of the illusion: 

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