Sunday 27 September, 2020

‘Whipped’ launches new boozy brunch menu

Brunch-goers in Trinidad can look forward to a new alcohol and brunch menu at Whipped (formerly known as Whipped by Nalima).

The allure of an Instagram-perfect, boozy brunch spread has now made its way to Trinidad and Tobago, and the new, creative menu at Whipped, located at One Woodbrook Place, promises to satisfy every palate.

(Photo: Whipped/Zayne Coolkut)

Chef and restaurant owner Nalima Debideen said to Loop News that the menu consists of creative takes on traditional dishes as well as well-known favourites, using fresh local ingredients where possible.

Debideen, who studied and worked in restaurants across the US, said food has always been her passion.

“The menu is more like a fusion of things. I’ve always been into food. I worked in the US for a long time then did baking and pastries and that was how I started off here. But food has always been my passion,” she said.

“We’ve added local items and tried to tailor them to the brunch format. We try to make everything from scratch, for example, the granola, breads, ice cream, desserts and so on,” she said.

(Photo: Whipped/Zayne Coolkut)

The menu includes lots of local dishes as well as some famous favourites such as lobster mac and cheese, clams and chorizo, as well as other local dishes.

“We try to keep it fresh, I’m trying to go for something different that people can try.”

“The feedback has been really good. We didn’t have an official opening and after a while we didn’t need to, we blew up really quickly."

She said since moving from the previous location on Ariapita Avenue the restaurant has been packed.

She added that having finally secured their alcohol licence has made things much easier for the restaurant, with specialised cocktails such as lavender and lychee rose mimosas, sorrel and passion fruit Bellinis as well as Bloody Marys.

The restaurant also serves shareable meals such as tapas, salads, pasta, and even Thai dishes.

(Photo: Whipped/Zayne Coolkut)

Debideen agreed that ‘brunch culture’ is definitely now a popular event in Trinidad and said it’s always advisable to book tables in advance due to the weekend rush.

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