Thursday 17 October, 2019

Who is this Guard-ian angel?

There's a  saying, that everyone has a guardian angel protecting and watching over them. 

Perhaps the age-old belief rang truer than ever for one social media user, Shirley Findlay, when she was assisted by her very own 'Guard-ian' angel right here on Earth. 

She came in the form of a Security Guard attached to T&T's largest transport hub, City Gate, Port of Spain.

Shirley explained that she is four months pregnant and had been feeling some "sharp pains" while walking through the transport station. She said the Security Guard followed her and asked if she was ok. 

According to the mum to be, the woman carefully took her down the staircase. Shirley, however, needed to use the bathroom. She said the accommodating woman responded saying, "I will check to see if it is open. If not, I will open the one that we use, for you."

Shirley noted that she was assisted into the restroom and even said that the woman became more concerned about her well being as she insisted that she took the day off from work. She didn't stop there as the unknown security guard waited while the pregnant woman made various phone calls and offered to take her to the taxi stand that would take her to the Port of Spain General Hospital. 

Feeling grateful for the encounter, Shirley posted to social media group 'True Trinis Discussing Real Issues' to find the woman and thank her once again for her service.

She said, "In the midst of my excruciating pain, this angel's kindness made me so happy. Does anyone know her or that security company?"

We reached out to Shirley and she said while she is in a little pain, her and her baby are just fine.

"I'm still in a lot of pain but I was able to get to my doctor. I was prescribed a few heavy painkillers so I should be okay soon enough. It seems like a kidney issue. My baby is just fine. He or she is doing backflips haha."

She once again thanked the security guard for her help.

"If not for her, I swear I would have passed out as I was becoming disoriented."

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