Saturday 11 July, 2020

WiPay launches online payment solution in Guyana

WiPay, an e-commerce platform which currently allows users to make payments online without the need for a credit card, has launched in Guyana.

The service launched on December 13 at Pegasus Hotel, Guyana, in front of an audience of Guyana’s government officials, media and small, medium and large business owners.

According to a statement from WiPay, consumers and businesses around the world are enjoying the convenience of e-Commerce and e-Payments while many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, including Guyana, are still operating primarily with hard cash and other paper-based services limiting the ability to participate in the e-commerce revolution.

Guyana’s internet penetration is approaching 40 percent with mobile penetration at around 74 percent, and with the Government’s increased focus on building a modern economy through digital payments, Guyana is accelerating its development of the right ecosystem for economic growth through e-Commerce.

With increasing levels of internet access and usage, the demand for online purchasing is growing and, more and more, businesses are moving away from ‘brick and mortar’ type operations to ‘online’ stores in order to reach a wider market and reduce costs. 

Taking business online in Guyana has been a difficult, technical and costly process. Additionally, due to credit card penetration being as low as 10 percent the drive to go online in Guyana has been slow.

WiPay’s online payment gateway offers a payment solution for Guyanese businesses who want to sell their products and services online.

WiPay’s payment gateway enables businesses to accept both credit card and ‘cash’ payments online.

Imagine sitting at home in hinterland and receiving payments all the way from your customers in Georgetown without ever having to actually set foot in Georgetown! Or imagine picking up the phone in Berbice and calling Caribbean Airlines from the comfort of your home to pay for an airline ticket over the phone with ‘cash’… this will be launching very soon. WiPay is transforming the way we do business in Guyana and the Caribbean, making payments easy and accessible to all.” explained Aldwyn Wayne, CEO of WiPay.

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