Friday 29 May, 2020

Woman in leaked sex video considers legal action

A young woman who was featured in a leaked sex video said she is considering legal options.

Christy Aziah, 25, says she has faced cyberbullying and harassment from people on social media since the video was leaked.

Aziah told Loop the video was leaked on Instagram but was deleted but not before her family and friends saw it.

The Trinidadian, now living in Miami where she is attending school, was featured in the video which, she said, was recorded while she was having sex with a Trinidadian reggae singer.

She said she recorded the video and they were the only people who were in possession of it.

She, however, has no proof that the video was leaked by the singer, who has since defended his name on IG.

She the video was recorded three years ago when they were in a casual sexual relationship. 

“It was not a relationship. We were close and dealing with each other alone,” she said.

“The video was made for both of us and both of us had copies. Yes, I recorded it but I didn’t release the video, I don’t know if anyone had a copy,” she said, denying the singer’s claims that she was the one who leaked it.

She said the day it was leaked, he called and accused her of leaking the video.

She accused him of using the leak to promote his album.

“I am just hurt. I feel betrayed and embarrassed that my family and friends seeing it. The cyberbullying making me feel stressed out. I took a break from social media. I just want to take back control of my life,” she said.

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