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Monday 10 August, 2020

Woman pays disputed bill using 49,300 coins

(Image: Dana McCool, Facebook)

(Image: Dana McCool, Facebook)

A US woman annoyed by her water provider has had the last laugh, after paying a disputed bill for USD$493 in one-cent coins.

Dana McCool of Deltona, Florida, said she was making the payment in pennies as a form of peaceful protest against alleged overcharging.

She posted a video on Facebook showing her wheeling a barrow filled with coins into the offices of Deltona Water Department on Monday.

“You take cash, correct?” she is heard asking the cashier, before unloading the first bag of coins.

A subsequent video showed the same cashier painstakingly sorting coins into towers of 10 to be counted.

US media reports counting the piles of coins took three hours but the company accepted the cash and the bill was paid.

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