Monday 26 October, 2020

Woman rescued by residents during attempted abduction

The swift actions of residents from John Peter Road, Charlieville, are being praised by officers as they saved a woman who had been abducted some moments before. 

The victim told police that around 9pm yesterday, she was crossing the walkover for the Uriah Butler Highway to enter the community when she was attacked by an unknown assailant.

The man grabbed the woman and forced her into a nearby structure along John Peter Road.

The woman was stripped of articles of her clothing and threatened.

When the man approached her, the woman fought back and managed to escape.

Almost nude, she ran along the roadway, screaming for help.

Residents of the area, on hearing the woman's cries, leapt into action.

They confronted the suspect, who pulled out a knife and what appeared to be a firearm.

However, upon realizing that the 'firearm' was a toy gun, the group descended upon the suspect and apprehended him.

When police arrived, the suspect was found bleeding from what appeared to be physical injuries.

He was taken to the Chaguanas District Hospital for treatment.

The victim, police said, was also take for medical examination.

He remained warded up to early this morning.

Police said the woman was treated and has given police a brief statement.

Inquiries into this incident are ongoing.

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