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Thursday 13 August, 2020

Women impregnated by young boys, claims Single Fathers’ Association

Women have been impregnated by minors. 

That's according to President of the Single Fathers’ Association Rondall Feeles.

Speaking at a Joint Select Committee (JSC) hearing on the prevalence of teenage pregnancy on Wednesday, Feeles noted that it is an aspect that nobody looks at.

“So, how do we get over that hurdle because it has happened many a times where adult women have been impregnated by minor males. Those are aspects that nobody looks at because it is so easy to hide. I hope by mentioning this here, that people start monitoring this aspect of it as well,” the Single Fathers’ Association President said.

Feeles noted that there is no research or investigation into the issue.

“We as the Association, see where there is a gaping hole there, where there is no statistics.

"One thing we were trying to do is to figure out how could we ever know if an adult woman is impregnated by a teenage boy. How do you ever figure that out? Because if she goes to the hospital and has the child she is an adult. We don’t know who the father is and is the norm and social perception that the father left me and went anyhow. There is no research, there is no investigation to see who the father is. But if it was a minor that goes in to have a baby, definitely you will want to know who is the father,” Feeles said.

He lamented that the Association has had a challenge in finding statistics on teenage fatherhood.

The Single Fathers’ Association head also noted that there is a lot of information as it relates to teenage pregnancy and females, but none on teenage fatherhood.

“There is a whelm of it when it comes to teenage pregnancy when it comes to the father. When it comes to teenage fatherhood, there is a lack of resources, there is a lack of desire from state and even NGO’s when it comes to harnessing and gathering statistics.”



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