Friday 30 October, 2020

Women stab each other in altercation

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Stock image

A confrontation between two women in Arima yesterday morning resulted in both women being hospitalized. 

The incident took place at about 9 am along the O'Meara Road in Arima, in the vicinity of the Archway. 

Police were told that the two women were seen having a verbal confrontation which soon became physical. During the fight, one of the women pulled out a knife and stabbed the other. The knife was then wrestled away and the victim retaliated. 

Those who witnessed the incident separated the women and notified the police and paramedics. They were both taken to the Arima Hospital.  

One of the victims had to be transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, due to the severity of her injuries. 

Both were warded up to early this morning in a stable condition. 

They are both expected to be questioned by investigators over the course of the weekend. 

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