Tuesday 23 July, 2019

Woodbrook residents, EMA meet to address noisy fetes

Residents of the Woodbrook Residents' Association held a meeting with the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) to address the problem of noisy events within the area which have been affecting residents.

"Thanks to numerous noise complaints lodged with the Environmental Management Authority, we were invited to a meeting at their St Clair office on Tuesday 10th January to discuss our grievances, the group said Saturday.

Residents of Woodbrook, Cipriani Boulevard, and St Clair attended the meeting, along with Councillor for Woodbrook, June Durham and Councillor for Northern Port of Spain, Abena Hartley.

During the meeting several residents openly told of the sleepless nights endure as a result of the excessively loud music and pounding base emanating from bars, clubs, fetes and carnival bands and the lack of consideration for residents, in particular the elderly, sick, young children and pets.

Residents asked for a time limit for all fetes and bars operating within a residential area and that decibel levels be adhered to.

The EMA said it is working on amendments to noise legislation in the country which will assist residents with noise pollution.

The group added that the EMA is currently developing a 24-hour hotline, however until that comes online reports can be made to 680-9588.

Persons making reports would need to provide their name and contact information as well as the location of the disturbance.

The Authority stated limited resources limits their ability to monitor all events and advised that the police have the powers to take action.

"If they do or do not, well that’s another story," the group said. 

The group also mentioned the use of excessive confetti in parties which has been polluting the streets and neighbouring yards and clogging drains.

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