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Sunday 9 August, 2020

Woodford Square wedding goes viral

To some, the hustle and bustle surrounding Woodford Square may make it an unconventional location for a wedding ceremony.

However, for Marsha Riley and her husband Richard Walker, it was the perfect spot.

The couple got married at Woodford Square in Port of Spain on Saturday morning among close friends, family and complete strangers including homeless individuals.

In a video posted on social media, the bride was seen dancing with a stranger.

In another, she was handing out boxes of food.

Documenting her journey on Facebook, Riley said she chose Woodford Square as it was a way for her to serve others.

The newlywed said one of the popular questions she was asked in the lead up to the wedding was, 'why not have a private ceremony and feed the homeless after?'

Riley said more than feeding the physical body of those less fortunate, she and her husband wanted to feed their souls - to make them feel important and included.

She described the event as a beautiful experience.

“Richard and I could not stop speaking about how perfect yesterday was. Every single person mingled. The children ran around Woodford Square happily and safely. Not a car broken into, never a bad word uttered, never a moment of disrespect. There was nothing but love. People from every creed and race shared an equal space. We laughed, ate and fellowshipped together. It was truly a beautiful experience,” she said.

Although all of her posts were public, Riley said she was not expecting the response on social media.

She said, however, that she did not invite members of the media as she wanted to avoid making the event a "pappyshow".

“We did not invite the media because we didn't want to turn it into a pappy show but I am guessing God wants it on display so the video of me dancing with a stranger has been shared more times than I can count. Our prayer is that we have shown that if we give love and respect we will receive love and respect," Riley said.

Many have commended the couple, saying it was a selfless way to celebrate their wedding.

After receiving the unintended attention, Riley posted a "shameless plug" that her hubby was a contractor.

Riley’s kindness didn’t end at Woodford Square.

She is now asking persons to either donate or lend their wedding dresses to those who may not be able to afford to purchase one of their own.

"Please email info.marshawalker@gmail.com if you would like to be part of the Share Your Dress initiative."

"Send pics of your dress, the dress size, your location and indicate whether it is to lend or give."


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