Sunday 25 October, 2020

Work Matters: Applying for jobs that match your experience

The world of work can be hard but it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. One of the easiest ways to shift this perception of work is to start looking for positions that perfectly match your experience. Trust us when we say that there is a job out there for you. Whether you are a student fresh out the school gate or just shy of the ten-years-worth of experience requirement, don’t lose faith.

With islands like Trinidad, where there is always work to be found, where should you begin? The best starting point is your resume (to see our article on resume writing tips, click here). You’ll want to take stock of what you have listed in the details of your most recent accomplishments.

Match Your Educational Background. When you review the “education” section; what were the core aspects of your degree programme? What was your grade point average? Or, when you review your job experience, what was the level of your previous title? Were you a junior or senior member of staff? This advice may seem reductive, but the practice re-enforces a key objective in any job hunt - relevant experience. Once you have ascertained what you’re actually qualified to do, you would be one step closer to aligning your search for interviews successfully.

Pay Attention to Buzzwords. Next, you’ll want to look at the language of the job description advertised. Do they use words like “manage”, “lead”, “direct”?  If you read buzzwords like these and you have only just completed an internship, this job may not be for you just yet. For sure you know this may be a mid to senior level position that requires you to have experience managing teams and driving department success. In consideration of someone with not as much experience, a job posting may call for someone who is “proactive” when completing tasks or “coordinates” efforts to assist managers because those recruiters want to hire someone positive and eager to learn while on the job. The descriptors of any role are always key to helping candidates understand what is important to the employer and should be taken seriously.

Open a Caribbean Jobs Account. Signing up with is absolutely FREE to job seekers. Simply visit the website ( and open an account. You would want to add the latest version of your CV and fill in all the fields under your profile. This ensures you are added to the database as an active job seeker so the system can start sending you jobs relevant to your experience and/or interests. Also, you’d want to ensure your profile is made “public”. By doing so, employers can search in the database and head-hunt you once you match what they’re looking for. How awesome is that?

Sign Up For Job Alerts. To create an alert, simply select your industry and/or country of interest on This allows the system to send you frequent updates when jobs in your field/location become available. You can have as many job alerts as you wish, and you can also adjust the frequency in which you receive them – a very useful tool when looking for your dream job!

These little things, when applied in earnest, can save you time and help you find the right job for you. Everyone’s dream job exists, it just takes a little time and a lot of hard work, so don’t quit. As the saying goes, every dog has its day, yours may just be a few years in the making!

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