Sunday 25 October, 2020

Work Matters: How to dress for an interview

For interviews in the Caribbean, it is important to dress professionally. Even though we are in the region of sun, sea, and sand, the last thing you want to do is dress carelessly for this important first meeting.

So, what is the best way to dress for an interview?

First things first, candidates should do their research on the company dress code beforehand. This investigation will help determine the way candidates approach their outfit choices in order to make the best first impression.

The work doesn’t stop there! It’s important that the look, whether it be a man’s or woman’s, includes items that can be easily interchanged or replaced for different interviews, or elevated for formal interview sessions and dressed down for more casual ones.

What to wear to an interview for men

Wearing a suit is often understood as the rule in interview dressing for men, but this doesn’t have to be so. What’s important to note for male interviewees is that he should be ready with the appropriate pieces at all times.

Here are a few staples that can be pulled together for a casual or formal interview.

- Blazer in navy blue, charcoal grey, or khaki (optional)

- Straight seamed pants in navy blue, charcoal grey, or khaki

- Crisp white or simply coloured shirt in cotton

- Tie, colour coordinated with the shirt and blazer colour

- Simple, dark coloured belt in leather or leather finish

- Clean, polished dress shoes in black, or brown

- Comfortable dress socks that are at least calf length.

- Neatly styled hair

- Freshly scented and lightly spritzed cologne

What to wear for an interview for women

Can women wear dresses to an interview? Of course! It is important that careful attention is paid to fit, colour and pattern. Jewel-toned colours are safe for women’s interview dressing and can be cleverly used in any piece she so chooses. A woman should feel empowered by her style of dress in an interview and never intimidated.

Here are some suggestions for women’s clothing options for an interview.

- Jacket in navy blue, charcoal grey, or khaki (optional)

- Knee-length pencil skirt, or straight legged pant in navy blue, charcoal grey, or khaki

- Jewel-toned blouse with a simple neckline

- Clean and polished flats /heels with an appropriate height in a dark colour

- Modestly sized and coloured bag

- Minimal jewellery: simple earrings, watch, bracelet, and maximum of two rings

- Softly applied makeup in nude colours

- Neatly styled hair, pulled away from the face

- Freshly scented and lightly spritzed perfume

By owning a wardrobe full of simple yet fashionable staple items, recruits can safely dress for any job interview at a moment's notice yet feel impeccably polished, put together, and stylish.

Dressing for a job interview should never be too complicated or overwhelming because in any interview confidence is key. Often times, it’s the can-do attitude that lands recruits the job, the outfit only helps them look their best.

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